Our Mission

We’re not a small company, but we operate like one. We listen first. We connect with our customers. We’re responsive to their needs but we don’t stop there. We’re the experts and we owe it to them to answer the questions they haven’t even thought to ask. We are relentless in our quest for Seeking Better Solutions.

Our Services

Vesta Industrial Contractors provides metal structures, mechanical insulation, full service scaffolding, and industrial coatings solutions to the industrial and commercial end markets. We do not strive to be everything to everyone but instead are experts at our core specialties. Our service capabilities are enhanced by technology and data driven metrics that allow us to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Metal Structures

Why Vesta?

    Industrial Facility Owners and Contractors turn to Vesta Industrial when:

  • Had enough of scaffold budget overruns.
  • Seeking a competitive advantage through value engineering and collaboration.
  • Looking to maintain a high level of professionalism on their site.
  • Fed up with schedule impacts from insulation rework.
  • Facing liability issues arising from lead or asbestos and needing a thorough and reliable environmental solution.
  • They are tired of the constant churn within the private equity owned 500 lb gorillas in the industry.
  • They are searching for a true multi craft solution with integrated planning and execution.

    Vesta Industrial is in constant demand because we are very different from our competition:

  • We are an agile, family owned business that can tailor solutions and adjust on the fly to ensure we are creating value for our customers.
  • We are a true one stop shop for soft craft services. We provide cross trained employees to your project site.
  • We are transparent in our processes and collaborate with customers and employees to refine our solutions.
  • We are among the safest contractors in a dangerous industry, with EMR and TRIR numbers well below 1.
  • We choose the right jobs and are not afraid to tell you when we aren’t the best solution for a project.
  • We ask questions, seek to understand, and do the project right the first time.
  • 3rd generation family owned.

Contact Us

Reach out to us using the below contact form if you need help with your scaffolding, insulation, or abatement needs.